Future Focus on Export Products

Comment by Heavy Engineering Research Association Director Dr Wolfgang Scholz The Heavy Engineering Research Association has just put a funding proposal to Government’s research funding agency the Foundation for Research Science and Technology (FRST) aimed at supporting the New Zealand Metals Industry in becoming more productive and developing export opportunities. This new proposal comes at […]

Let’s talk about upsizing

It’s happening everywhere. Downsizing, that is. Since the economic turmoil of some 18 months ago, life hasn’t been quite the same, has it? And in a country as small as New Zealand there comes a time when the downsizing needs to stop before everyone goes nuts. The Government is currently cracking the whip through the […]

High quality plastic welding systems from Techspan

Techspan Group’s is range of high quality plastic welding systems for New Zealand and Australia includes hand-held welders,  automatic welders, wedge welders, and extruder welders. Made in Switzerland, the heavy duty welders are designed for optimal performance and reliability under extreme working conditions. A number of technically advanced innovative features are incorporated into the welders, […]

Super clear cordless work light enhances maintenance safety

Clear and reliable portable light is essential to safety and precision in confined spaces. Inside pipes, tanks, pressure vessels and silos, the last thing any maintenance worker needs is bulb or battery failure. GO Distribution has introduced rugged portable LED worklights designed to provide 10 years or more of optimum clarity and reliability, or 50,000 […]

NZ businesses miss out on energy savings benefits

Most New Zealand companies are doing little to curb energy waste despite the many benefits of reducing energy costs, new research shows. A study by Synovate commissioned by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) shows a wide disparity between industry sectors on energy management. Overall, only 23% of businesses are committed to energy management. […]

The Poor Performance Disciplinary Dilemma

Employers are getting it wrong more than right when it comes to dealing with personal grievance claims, and one of the key reasons is failure to follow procedure. Angela Atkins, Human Resources Institute of New Zealand training facilitator and author explores why. A recent Employers and Manufacturers Association review of the 521 cases which went […]

Managing Recession Stress

The cracks haven’t yet appeared in New Zealand, but the impact of “staff recession stress” can be significant for employers. Human Resources Institute of New Zealand member, organisational psychologist Eugene Ng provides some advice for employers on managing stress levels in the current environment. I’m seeing a change in the work ethic of New Zealand […]