The Innovators Dilemma

– Clayton M. Christensen What do the Honda Supercub, Intel’s 8088 processor, and hydraulic excavators have in common? In The Innovator’s Dilemma they are all examples of disruptive technologies that helped to redefine the competitive landscape of their respective markets. These products did not come about as the result of successful companies carrying out sound […]

Connexionz wins contract to connect multiple transit agencies across three States

The contract includes the provision of on-board technologies for partner agencies with optional add-on services such as multimedia, next stop audio visual alerts, vehicle diagnostics, automatic passenger counting, farebox integration, and more

Connexionz wins contract to connect multiple transit agencies across three States

Integrated rural transit solution enhances community mobility, improves traveler experiences, increases driver and passenger safety, improves operational processes and access to important vehicle diagnostics.  Connexionz, a leading provider of smart transit innovations, has been awarded a unique contract to deliver a multi-agency regional passenger information system. The new “iTransitNW” portal and smartphone app will connect […]

Export vital for New Zealand’s prosperity

Support for TPP11 and the wider trade agenda by the incoming government is crucial for New Zealand now and in the future, says the EMA. The need to speed up the growth of exporting was one of the key recommendations in the EMA 2017 Election Manifesto. “As a nation we rely heaving on trade for […]

Books: Talk Like Ted

Books: Talk Like Ted

-Carmine Gallo I am a fan of books on presenting, especially good ones, and this new book by Carmine Gallo, Talk Like TED – The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds, is a good one. The approach Gallo has taken is to analyse over 500 Ted talks, looking at the videos, interviewing the […]

What will really happen in the next decade

What will really happen in the next decade

Earlier this year, the Chinese People’s Congress was told the growth target would be 7% but that “deep-seated problems in the country’s economy are becoming more obvious.” Since then, predicted growth rates have dropped considerably. McKinsey Institute authors Luis Enriquez, Sven Smit and Jonathan Ablett have produced four economic scenarios for the next 10 years, […]

Food Security Governance: Empowering Communities, Regulating Corporations

By Nora McKeon This book fills a gap in the literature by setting food security in the context of evolving global food governance. Today’s food system generates hunger alongside of food waste, burgeoning health problems, massive greenhouse gas emissions. Applying food system analysis to review how the international community has addressed food issues since WWII, […]

Let’s not follow the others

By Doug Green  If Peter Thiel, co- founder of PayPal and Palantir has it right the future needs to change. It’s easier to copy a model than to make something new. Doing what we already know how to do keeps on adding more of something familiar. And it is easier to do. Peter Thiel has […]

The Second Machine Age

Driverless cars and 3D printers are harbingers of a new era, argue MIT colleagues Brynjolfsson (Director/Center for Digital Business; co-author, Wired for Innovation: How Information Technology Is Reshaping the Economy, 2013, etc.) and McAfee (Principal Research Scientist/Center for Digital Business; Enterprise 2.0: New Collaborative Tools for Your Organisation’s Toughest Challenges, 2009, etc.). Some 200 years […]

Generating wealth rather than trading money

Did you know that if you invest $6M in a dairy farm on average you will generate $1M of revenue, you will give employment to 2.6 people and your business will have another job or so associated with it, whereas if you invest only $3M in manufacturing you will on average generate $10M of revenue, […]