PNG’s APEC venue has NZ involvement

Data from independent reports project the Star Mountain Plaza development to bring in more than $235 million Kina in tourism revenue and other economic benefits over a 20 year horizon.

PNG’s APEC venue has NZ involvement

PNG’s Star Mountain Plaza, will host leaders from around the world at the APEC forum, and is expected to open ahead of its planned schedule according to developers. The venue, was designed and project managed by a New Zealand architectural and project management firm. The landmark Star Mountain Plaza conference, accommodation and retail development is […]

Delcam lifts the curtain on its enhanced modelling and reverse-engineering capability for 2015

“Designers are great at designing; that’s what they do. Unfortunately what they design is often not capable of being manufactured.” New dynamic point-editing allows PowerSHAPE Pro users to create any shape they can imagine. The latest version of PowerSHAPE Pro – including improvements in direct modelling, surface modelling and reverse-engineering, along with support for data […]

The importance of an Ergonomics investigation before designing or changing a production system

In this article I will explain why it is important to do an Ergonomics Investigation before we design or redesign a production system. Every Ergonomic Investigation I have undertaken has saved my client substantially – either capital investment or increased productivity. Ergonomics is one of the most misused words in the English language. The definition […]

Design for Manufacture

  – Jurgen Brand, Designbrand Ltd         When receiving the suggestion to write this article I had to make a choice of the right ‘angle of attack’, just as designers’ need to ask the first question to define the way we embark on the product development path. Usually we would ask WHO […]

Bring those bright ideas out of the closet

Let’s get the No 8 Kiwi Wire ingenuity to work.  Why? Because the economy is improving, and designers and engineers are still hungry for work. You may just scrape in before they are too busy to spend quality time developing your idea. Good ideas and well developed equipment design takes time, and are done better […]

SouthMACH 2013:Latest in machining software

Delcam Australia will at SouthMach 2013 exhibit the latest developments in machining and inspection software. Demonstrations will include Delcam’s 2013 software series of advanced manufacturing solutions including large screen presentations with new functionality in PowerMILL, PowerINSPECT, FeatureCAM and PartMaker. The company is appearing on Stand 58. A new module has been made available for the […]

SouthMACH 2013: Enhancing design and manufacturing capabilities

Visiting the Solidtec team on Stand 55 could be the catalyst that allows you to change your businesses future  and see you become part of a movement helping drive innovation in New Zealand manufacturing. When it comes to the benefits of 3D CAD technology, Solidtec has a very clear vision. The SolidWorks product suite can […]