Innovate or Die

Innovate or Die

Hamish Whyte, CEO, Furnware. Innovation is the buzz word these days, but how and what to innovate in your business or product range is often a difficult decision. Two things stand out; asking questions and listening to the answers of course.  And passion, as you will find out in the interview I had with Hamish […]

Engineering a new career for young women

Engineering a new career for young women

Welding, polishing and sand blasting were among the daily activities for a group of young women during a recent work placement at Hamilton-based manufacturer, Longveld. The placement is part of a unique training course offered by Wintec and Longveld, aimed at getting more women into engineering. Sixteen young women from Waikato secondary schools are enrolled […]

Steel construction: innovation and investment

Steel construction: innovation and investment

By Alistair Fussell, Manager, Steel Construction New Zealand  Structural steel is the material of choice in most of the world’s major construction markets, including the USA and the UK where the market share is approximately 60% and 70% respectively. New Zealand is no exception.  Our diverse steel construction industry – comprising manufacturers of structural steel […]

Injection moulding machines

Now more than ever before, Engel offers it’s customers clear advantages, in terms of innovative injection moulding machines, automation, processing technology – and value for money ! Engel injection moulding machines are offered in a range of sizes, from 25 tonne to 5,500 tonne clamp force. The machines are modular, and injection and clamp units […]

IronCAD – Limitless Design Dexterity

IronCAD XG is a productivity leader when it comes to moving creative ideas into full production-ready 3D reality. IronCAD is the pioneer of a breakthrough Creative Design approach that delivers a level of design freedom unmatched in the industry today. It is the tool of choice for design engineers when deadlines are tight and a […]

Manufacturers always needed

By Tom Thomson, Managing Director, EPL. Sitting here in Christchurch in my Portacom office planning a new factory to replace the one I lost recently, IÕve been following all the instant experts from the economist section pontificate on the relevance or otherwise of the manufacturing sector. I found one NZIER ‘expert’ attributed with the following statement – […]

Primero Profiles cuts and folds it with the best

    Vaughn Clark, owner manager, Primero Profiles Ltd. By Kevin Kevany Primero Profiles Ltd positions itself as New Zealand’s newest and most dynamic plate processing company, selling cut-to-size and folded steel shapes, and specialising in high-quality plate-cutting from 2-150mm thick; quick turnarounds; and high-speed production press braking. “If it’s solid advice you’re after, and […]

Affordable attachment pulls out posts and vines

When you come to a post  simply pull it out. Why didn’t somebody think of this before? From the invention shed of Malcolm Webster another breakthrough do-it-yourself innovation. It looks like a giant rope jammer fitting off a sailing boat. It fits to the 3-point linkage on your tractor. No electrics, no hydraulics. You simply […]

Barrie Carruthers

Barrie Curruthers is managing director of Precision Microcircuits Ltd, Barrie has 50 years manufacturing experience and he shares with us why he does what he does. What do you do? I am currently involved in several company operations. Electronics and farming is a mix I enjoy mostly, one dramatically different from the other. Electronics produces […]

Manufacturing Heroes

They are everywhere, manufacturing heroes. And they have been for years. Think Bill Gallagher, Blair McPheat, Robert Darroch, Peter  Rocque. Think the inventors at  Rex Bionics, Ultrahelicopters, Metalform with their wheelchair and Inovent with the Rotacrane. And you, the reader, is probably thinking why isn’t my name on the list as well? These are a […]