Don’t change for Lean’s sake

Change for your own business growth.┬áThere is no doubt that lean thinking is driving massive changes in manufacturing processes worldwide. It lies at the heart of measurable improvements in quality, reliability and performance. What lean is not, however, is a magic formula that solves manufacturing issues in one easy application. Businesses that announce they are […]

Pragmatic steps for Lean success

In recent conversations with manufacturing and service industry leaders, lean managers discussed problems they face as they work to advance operational excellence in their organizations. The sticky issues will likely come as no surprise; they include ones most of us are already aware of and have encountered for years: ┬áLack of real engagement with top […]

Production benefits found from standing in the circle

The simple Lean Management process observation technique of Standing-in-the-Circle opens your eyes to new ways for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes. Good decisions are based on thorough data collection and good data analysis. To find useful productivity improvements go Stand-in-the-Circle to see why things are as they are and look for opportunities […]