Let’s talk about upsizing

It’s happening everywhere. Downsizing, that is. Since the economic turmoil of some 18 months ago, life hasn’t been quite the same, has it?

And in a country as small as New Zealand there comes a time when the downsizing needs to stop before everyone goes nuts.

The Government is currently cracking the whip through the public sector and cutting staff all over the place. It can be said that the public sector was too large and changes had to be made, but this government is not necessarily going to put the savings made into the private sector and create the environment for business to succeed.

And there are concerns, of course, about local government spending being out of control throughout the regions.

So the public sector is too big, too cumbersome, too problematic.  I hope that what is being saved by axing positions at AgResearch and reducing services throughout the Ministry of Education does not result in a lessening of quality delivery.

Do you remember what John Key said before winning office?: “If National is elected and does a ‘half decent job’ at growing the economy, then increasing GST and the top tax rate will not be necessary.”Seems a long time ago since he said that and precious few signs are apparent of planning to make so much stronger the private sector.

Is Government, then, not doing a decent job?

Business  needs to continue to stand up and demand  better.. New markets and innovation  go hand in hand, surely?; Government needs to have a good hard look at manufacturing conditions – think incentives – and determine if they are enough to take the country forward.

And business organisations – think the Business Roundtable – need to represent the greater good of the nation by helping secure a better future for all New Zealanders. They may say it’s too hard, we’re trying hard or no one is listening.

I say get out of the strange ‘mindzone’ and become more proactive.

Think upsizing – help bring about a change in economic conditions that can move the country forward.

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