Comment: Are our trades dying?

The New Zealand Herald has picked up on our Acton Tools article from October issue of NZ MANUFACTURER which shows the level of concern for the future of the manufacturing sector. Peter Rocque is a toolmaker who believes that in devaluing the toolmaking trade New Zealand is in danger of being a manufacturer  of only […]

Craftsmanship critical for success

I like the attitude of Peter Rocque, the boss of Acton Tools who believes in the value of skills and craftsmanship to resurrect the global economy. He also believes it is time to bring in the redundant, the newly arrived immigrants, the graduates and give them a chance, reinforced by industry knowledge. Help train them, […]

Rebalancing Economy required to catch Australia

Implementing the 2025 Taskforce report would require rebalancing the economy says BusinessNZ. Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly says a key recommendation is for slimmer but higher quality public spending. “The Taskforce points out that for decades New Zealand governments have spent a larger share of GDP than their Australian counterparts, and much of that spending has […]

Kiwi manufacturing influx into Thailand

 By Karlene Davis, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Thai airports will soon experience a smoother, more efficient flow of baggage and cargo handling, while greener vehicles will run on the country’s roads in the near future, thanks to two Kiwi companies who have secured partnerships in Thailand.  DieselGas, specialising in dual fuel technology, have developed […]

The future of shipping is in the hands of industry

An industry-led approach to the rationalisation of ports in New Zealand, as recommended in a government-commissioned maritime freight report released today (Wednesday 13 October), is welcomed by the Employers and Manufacturers Association Northern Inc (EMA). EMA welcomes the Minister of Transport’s response today to the report from the NZ Institute of Economic Research that the […]

Internationalisation success will drive New Zealand’s prosperity

The New Zealand Institute has released a discussion paper titled A goal is not a strategy: Focusing efforts to improve New Zealand’s prosperity. The paper concludes that efforts to improve economic prosperity should focus on improving the drivers of labour productivity, growing exports of differentiated goods and services, and helping firms overcome the barriers to […]

Manufacturing sales defy downturn

The latest New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association (NZMEA) Survey of Business Conditions completed during September 2010, shows total sales in August 2010 increased 20% (export sales increased by 37% with domestic sales increasing 13%) on August 2009. The NZMEA survey sample covered NZ$493m in annualised sales, with an export content of 36%.Net confidence rose […]

Transpower, lines companies out of touch with customers

Business has been struck almost speechless at the lack of sensitivity of Transpower and other lines companies. Transpower and partners have gone to the Commerce Commission asking for a green light to raise their prices so they can guarantee themselves an almost 12% pre tax, risk free return on capital to upgrade the grid. “Every […]

CADCAM software used here for implants

A range of Delcam’s CADCAM software, in particular the latest release of the CopyCAD Pro reverse engineering system, is being used by a group of companies in New Zealand to design and manufacture custom-made maxillofacial implants for patients suffering with tumours or major bone loss.   The overall process, which is managed by Computer Generated Implants […]

Riding high on success

FrameCad, a construction technology company, founded by chief executive Mark Taylor more than 20 years ago, found the recession obliterating construction technology sales in the United States. It could have been devastating for the Auckland-based company, except that FrameCad had recently set up a Middle East office with the assistance of New Zealand Trade and […]