Manufacturers always needed

By Tom Thomson, Managing Director, EPL. Sitting here in Christchurch in my Portacom office planning a new factory to replace the one I lost recently, IÕve been following all the instant experts from the economist section pontificate on the relevance or otherwise of the manufacturing sector. I found one NZIER ‘expert’ attributed with the following statement – […]

Strong growth in difficult conditions

Scott Technology managing director, Chris Hopkins New Zealand’s high tech firms boosted investment in research and development (R&D) and staff numbers and many posted strong revenue growth despite difficult business conditions, according to a comprehensive survey of the $8 billion sector. The eighth annual TIN100 Report, an analysis of the performance of the top New […]

Kitset helicopter made of carbon fibre

Composite Helicopter’s has unveiled a revolutionary helicopter that is light, durable and can be built in record time.The fuselage, main rotor blades and tail rotor blades are made entirely of carbon fibre composites. The helicopter uses the same carbon fibre technology that is found in America’s Cup racing boats, high end sports equipment and new […]

Building Wellington’s own Silicon Valley

  Kate McGrath Picture courtesy Victoria University Image Services.   Victoria University is helping launch the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators through a new programme which will bring graduate students together to create advanced technology start-up companies. The introduction of a one-year Master of Advanced Technology Enterprise, commencing in January 2013, will see students […]

Generating wealth rather than trading money

Did you know that if you invest $6M in a dairy farm on average you will generate $1M of revenue, you will give employment to 2.6 people and your business will have another job or so associated with it, whereas if you invest only $3M in manufacturing you will on average generate $10M of revenue, […]

Translate and go global

By Eli Beman, Blue South With increasing technological advances and decreasing product lifecycles manufacturers have to seize every opportunity to compete in the global marketplace. The dynamic nature of the global economy means it is essential to reach out to customers and associates regardless of their location. The key to success is being visible around […]

Working together to keep it kiwi

  Collaboration within industry is a key way for New Zealand’s manufacturers to successfully compete in a global market. And this was the motivation for a Lean Learning Hub which saw nearly 50 people from 21 companies including DB, Griffins and Fonterra, gather together last month to swap and share experiences. The hub was hosted […]

Living the dream with FeatureCAM

  Thanks to FeatureCAM feature-based CAM system, Jeremy Cupp, owner of LC Fabrications, is able to combine his two passions – motorcycles and machining = into a successful business. The software makes it quicker and easier to experiment with novel designs, and gives high-quality parts. LC Fabrication was born in the corner of a machine […]

Mid-sized manufacturers can be successful

  An inspirational presentation from Professor Goran Roos, an expert on mid-size manufacturing excellence in Auckland recently focussed on how and why mid-sized manufacturers across Europe are so successful – despite the fact that they are not manufacturing in a low cost environment. Professor Roos says part of the reason that Australian manufacturers are finding […]

Revolutionary wind power invention receives international recognition

Jega Jegatheeson with Tony Herewini, general manager, T P Engineering. A New Zealand invention, designed to make wind power more efficient and cheaper, has been singled out by a renowned wind technology expert as one of the world’s leading new innovations. The invention, Gyroscopic Variable Transmission (GVT), is the brainchild of New Zealander Mr Jega […]

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