Farnborough: How to organise an air display

When the air display starts each afternoon at the Farnborough International Air Show, business transactions pause and eyes roll heavenward, surrendering to the raucous power play. A major part of the attraction is the evident – if calculated – risk the aviators take.  The organisers of this sky-borne shop window for aviation hardware may appear […]

itSeez3D turns iPad Into 3D Scanner

When it comes to 3D scanning, more and more solutions are becoming available as the months go by. 3D scanning is allowing us to take photographs of people and things, in ways that we could never imagine before.  Instead of only being able to look at a flat, 2-dimensional photo, we can now interact with […]

Design for Manufacture

  – Jurgen Brand, Designbrand Ltd         When receiving the suggestion to write this article I had to make a choice of the right ‘angle of attack’, just as designers’ need to ask the first question to define the way we embark on the product development path. Usually we would ask WHO […]

High strength cellular aluminium foam for the automotive industry

Aluminium foam is used for applications that requires high level of energy and sound absorption characteristics. Researchers have developed an innovative process to make high strength cellular aluminium foam with help from some salt. Aluminium foam exhibits unique properties when compared to its dense form, particularly its lightweight characteristics. Generally, the foam can be divided […]

Network Time Machine ensures optimal user experience

The Network Time Machine LTE/VoLTE, is a portable LTE troubleshooting appliance that helps wireless carriers resolve network performance issues quickly and cost effectively. This ability is crucial to reducing customer churn, as subscribers who switch wireless carriers increasingly point to poor customer care and inadequate network performance as their reason for leaving. The Network Time […]

PowerMILL 2015 to launch at IMTS

Picture: The improved collision detection in PowerMILL 2015 will be demonstrated at IMTS. Delcam will launch the 2015 version of its PowerMILL CAM system for high-speed and five-axis machining at IMTS 2014 in Chicago from 8th to 13th September on booth E3222, the largest CAM software booth at the show. The new release will include […]

3D printer delivers innovative export products

Picture:Warwick Downing of TiDA and Ian Brown of Callaghan Innovation. New Zealand businesses stand to benefit from a top-class 3D printing facility that can create objects from titanium and other metals, enabling the development of a range of new export products. Callaghan Innovation and the Titanium Industry Development Association (TiDA) have jointly purchased a Selective […]

Boeing may have found ultimate jet fuel

“Green diesel approval would be a major breakthrough in the availability of competitively-priced, sustainable aviation fuel”. Airline manufacturer Boeing claims to have identified a new renewable fuel that emits at least 50% less carbon dioxide than fossil fuel over its lifecycle. The company is working with the US Federal Aviation Administration to gain approval for […]

Bentley 3D prints entire 1/3rd scale models of cars

The new Objet500 Connex3 3D printer from Stratasys has the ability to print out in numerous materials and mixtures of materials, as well as the ability to mix three different colours to make hundreds of colours. A truly revolutionary moment within the industry. The Objet500 allows them to print our near exact 3D models of […]

3D-printed chocolate as a midnight snack

 A recent partnership between 3D systems and Hershey will make it easier to satisfy your strongest candy cravings. You don’t even need to leave the house. Hershey’s new chocolate 3D printer is a pretty sweet project (pun very much intended). The chocolate printer works the same as the other ones. 3D printers use specific materials […]