Rise of the Machines – is technology really replacing humans?

– Catherine Lye, Head of Advanced Manufacturing and Export Communities, EMA As our Smart Factory Showcase continues building momentum in the Industry 4.0, manufacturing and technology space, it’s time to share some insights into what we’ll be covering during each session. Each Smart Factory Showcase covers several key areas of operation at Nautech Electronics. These include sales and planning, systems, connectivity, research and development, production, testing, facilities, smart business models and implementation strategies. Industry 4.0 and the showcase are all about highlighting how a range of digital technologies enhance manufacturing performance, output, monitoring and control, keeping businesses globally competitive. Today, we’ll consider the view that the adoption of new technologies could lead to the replacement of the human element required in manufacturing – or does it? Many of us have seen The Terminator film series where the artificially intelligent machines become self-aware and hostile with an aim to take over the world in a post-apocalyptic future. As Laurie Kubiak, CEO of Nautech Electronics assures us, people are always going to be necessary for the safe and successful operation of manufacturing machinery and technology. Adopting new technology is about making everyone’s lives easier, both for the company and its people. People are required for all parts of Nautech’s operations, particularly for forward-planning, scheduling, stock management, programming and much more. They cannot be replaced. Adopting Industry 4.0 and smart technologies actually has the potential to create more job opportunities, as people become vital in ensuring maximum machine efficiency, productivity, outputs and operation. Cobots (collaborative robots) are often used to take on certain repetitive tasks that humans could do, but they are able to maintain consistency and run for longer periods. They don’t need to work a standard shift or stop for breaks. Passing on these mundane tasks to cobots also has health […]