Manufacturing Heroes

They are everywhere, manufacturing heroes. And they have been for years.

Think Bill Gallagher, Blair McPheat, Robert Darroch, Peter  Rocque.

Think the inventors at  Rex Bionics, Ultrahelicopters, Metalform with their wheelchair and Inovent with the Rotacrane. And you, the reader, is probably thinking why isn’t my name on the list as well? These are a few examples of New Zealand companies who dare to dream and are going ahead in tough economic times.

All over the country there are fantastic products being made. The dream became the reality and the markets are being found.

I receive a lot of information from companies in the prototype stage, who need the capital to move on, to test the market, to be the next big thing.
Then there are the companies who, for their own good reasons, want to be hush, hush and not let anybody know what they’re thinking, let alone making.

They’ll come round, we’ll be writing about them and any others who want to share with the readers of NZ MANUFACTURER  what they are making and how they got there.

Manufacturing Heroes are whom we support and the more they are supported the better New Zealand’s economy will be.

Send me your story to  and prepare to be read about.
-Doug Green

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