MEMS are a class of enabling technologies that are revolutionizing silicon-based micro-electronics through use of micro-machining technology. The integration of MEMS into high volume CMOS manufacturing facilities, and the promise of monolithic integration of CMOS + MEMS, allows lower cost production of devices with integrated electronics and moving parts.  These devices have and will continue […]

Trust and fairness increases productivity

Organisations that offer their employees higher levels of trust, cooperation, fairness and economic benefits are rewarded with increased productivity, according to research by a Victoria University Economics Professor.   “We’ve all heard of the Golden Rule ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’—this works in economics as it does in life. […]

Moving ahead

  The Budget gave business little to sing and dance about. It was a ‘holding’ Budget, delivered in an election year with promises of things to come (ie, growth). The usual deficits apply and every commentator I have read in the past week does not see things changing much. With serious issues to face like […]

Waikato’s Aviation Industry Cluster takes off

In the picture: Industry Cluster (WAIC) chairman John Jones, left, and advisory board member John Cook sign the paperwork, with Opportunity Hamilton chief executive Sandra Perry and WAIC general manager Shaun Mitchell. It’s an exciting time in Waikato’s aviation history with the regionally-based Aviation Industry Cluster spreading its wings to become a business entity and […]

Steel-framed housing finally breaks through for quake housing

In time, it’s likely to be referred to as ‘the whisper that roared’. Steel-framed housing has nudged on to the national agenda with the award, to a joint venture of FRAMECAD and NZ Transportable Units, of a major tender issued by the Department of Building and Housing to construct up to 300 temporary accommodation units […]

Need to ensure vibrant electricity market

The Electricity Authority’s proposed conclusion that an undesirable trading situation (UTS) took place on 26 March, sends a clear signal to the market about expectations of appropriate trading behaviour, says BusinessNZ Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly. “The Electricity Authority is an independent body, designed for making fair decisions in instances of this nature. It has produced […]

Prisoner trade training initiative praised

Minister of Corrections Judith Collins initiative to train prisoners in Christchurch in a wide range of vocational trades is to be commended, says the Employers & Manufacturers Association. “Giving prisoners skills training is a practical response to the shortage of skilled workers Christchurch will need as the re-build gets underway,’ said Alasdair Thompson, EMA’s chief […]