Youth unemployment a concern

DOUG GREEN PICI studied with interest the report out recently 2102 Smart Waikato Youth Employment Survey which was undertaken to gauge the work experience and employment situation for 15 to 24 year olds.

Respondees to the survey were pretty mixed in their appreciation of what their youth have to offer.

Comments from “They have no interest in working and a lack of aptitude or ethics” were common as was “expect top money for little or no return.”

Another said: “While there are some stars out there, there are a lot of bad seeds. Too many young staff expect everything to be handed to them on a silver plate and the art of working for something has long been forgotten.”

About 280 Waikato employers representing approximately 12,000 Waikato employees responded to the online survey.

So how are you an employer, in other parts of the country finding the attitude of youth to work? Can you get, in your region, young staff when you need them? How do you find their attitude? Are there talented young people out there you are employing or considering employing?

Let’s look at the whole thing. Young workers need training, they need leadership, they need inspiration and they need a light at the end of the tunnel. There are a lot of highly motivated young people doing good things in companies who have drive and ambition and want to get ahead in the world.

They all don’t want to work for the youth wage; they want a fair return for a fair effort.

As far as the unmotivated ones are concerned, well, there are always people like that. But at the same time the system is not meant to fail them; to cast them aside as the easiest thing to do.

Being unmotivated and not self motivated may only be a line crossed when the future is secure and something they can believe in.

New Zealand needs skilled people; we plan years ahead to get the balance right to ensure our manufacturers are able to produce on time quality products for their markets.

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