Trade mission member has early Christmas present

-By Doug Green

We are already half way through the year. The momentum, so far, for manufacturers, has been steady and improving. The trick is to keep it going as we look down the road towards Christmas (who would have thought it was creeping up on us so fast?).

DOUG GREEN PICNZ Manufacturer is pretty much at the fore in fostering, supporting and encouraging the nation’s manufacturers. We constantly report on where the opportunities are for manufacturers and where the vacancies are for those looking to establish a career.

The job market is still tight and that tightness has something to do with the cost of raw materials, the cost of finished product to local and international markets. Our competitiveness on the world stage.

And there are plenty of opportunities out there.

A recent trade mission to Indonesia, as reported in this issue by Gilbert Peterson, highlights how doing business there can be surprisingly straightforward. One of the mission delegate’s, on a first visit to Indonesia, chalked up what he is sure will turn into a million dollar plus order of kiwi made refrigeration equipment.

And Indonesia will look to New Zealand for the likes of quality high protein food as well. 248 million people, certainly a growing market.

In the USA there is a massive opportunity for our companies offering health solutions. The US military community is on the lookout for collaboration. This is an exciting development.

Catherine Beard also writes on an exporting theme, sharing with readers some recent success stories, while John Walley asks if there is indeed a crisis in manufacturing. Apart from all of this riveting reading we focus on The Future of Manufacturing and the latest innovations and developments to make your workplace today ready for tomorrow and able to meet the challenge.


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