Bring those bright ideas out of the closet

Let’s get the No 8 Kiwi Wire ingenuity to work.  Why? Because the economy is improving, and designers and engineers are still hungry for work. You may just scrape in before they are too busy to spend quality time developing your idea. Good ideas and well developed equipment design takes time, and are done better […]

Kiwi-Ingenuity, the real NZ national treasure!

Kiwi-Ingenuity should be celebrated as much and even more than the glorious achievements of the All Blacks on the Rugby field.  – By Joel Leonard New Zealand is more than a haven for Hobbits, champion rugby teams, picturesque scenery, and adventurous vacations. Also a haven for Kiwi-Ingenuity! Kiwi Ingenuity has evolved to become the real national […]

Exports show some improvement

 The latest New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association (NZMEA) Survey of Business Conditions completed during November 2013, shows total sales in October 2013 increased 14.82% (export sales increased by 36.52% with domestic sales decreasing 4.96%) on October 2012.  The NZMEA survey sample this month covered NZ$490m in annualised sales, with an export content of 57%. […]

GMP makes significant contribution to New Zealand’s organic programme

-Doug Green GMP Dairy Limited has launched the  ‘Ogni’ organic dairy product range and announced that they have gained a significant organic export order to China.  GMP is a leading manufacturing company specialising in a wide range of natural health and dairy products of Australian and New Zealand origin. Picture Caption: From the left: Ravinesh Kumaran […]