Editorial August Issue: Clean and green with natural energy

Editorial PICOur Lead Story this issue is ‘The engineering of solar flight’, in itself a mystery a mere few years ago and now seemingly a positive step forward for positive use of sunbeams!

However, it is not going to answer the issue of flying in very large planes. Solar Impulse is a one-off example of energy efficiency for a crew of two people.

Amongst all the technologies we use today none can be sweeter than a natural technology…which really isn’t a technology at all.

Governments around the world – including New Zealand – are still coming to grips with the best use of our natural resources. The best way of diminishing coal as an essential product and providing a cleaner and better environment for humankind. Should we all have solar panels on or houses? Can we afford to continue to pay exorbitant power accounts…which, after all, come from using a natural source of energy?

We also face the issues of fracking and the cause and effect it has on our environment and the consequences of this method of energy extraction on the earth on which we live.

USA has reduced its need to import oil from the Middle East; primarily because of fracking. Under Obama, America has become more self-sufficient. Their internal energy levels from fracking is causing consternation as to its effect on the environment and the quality of life. This form of energy extraction takes place in other countries and realises everyone’s dream of a doomed planet.

Also in this issue, we are delighted to welcome Dieter Adam, chief executive, New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association to our Advisory Panel. Dieter, with his clear thinking and analysis, is already making a difference in the business community.

And you can read about Emerald Foods, an East Tamaki country, who exports their products to 34 countries.
Shane Lamont, Managing Director of Emerald Foods, explains that their location is a key advertising point when exporting: “New Zealand is not only seen as clean and green, but also as very safe. Food safety is a huge aspect of our product, and New Zealand has a great reputation for it.”

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