Thermaflo and Trepko tackle the New Zealand market with new agency agreement

Every single day thousands of milk, juice, and water bottles are filled along very sophisticated assembly lines in and around New Zealand. With that, there are very strict regulations in place that help ensure the products that end up on your supermarket shelf are safe for human consumption.

Thermaflo have always employed best practice engineering principals as part of their design policies. This insures that they meet all of their client’s expectations as well as adhering to any local regulations relating to food safety.
With the above in mind Thermaflo have been associating themselves with other world leading equipment suppliers. For many years they have been building relationships with companies not only in New Zealand but into other countries such as Italy, the UK and Denmark.

These companies include Filmatic from South Africa who are a leading manufacturer of bottle, tub and jar filling lines and Trepko from Denmark, who specialise in high speed horizontal form fill seal, and other tub filling applications as well as butter wrapping and end of line packaging plant.

It has been fortunate that Trepko and Filmatic have formed a joint venture and now together they are supplying complete filling and packaging lines, thus Thermaflo’s clients benefit from two world leading suppliers being represented here in New Zealand.

With a large client base within the Australasian market it made sense for Thermaflo to partner with another company that had experience in these markets, but who were also looking to increase their market share.
Recently, Thermaflo and Trepko signed a new agency agreement that has allowed Thermaflo to expand their product offering, while also assisting Trepko in their efforts to increase their client base in the New Zealand, Australian and Southeast Asian markets.

With over 65 years of manufacturing experience Trepko are placed at the forefront of the packaging industry and today have many loyal customers in more than 120 countries across the world. Their dynamic range of equipment is fabricated out of highest quality materials that meet the most stringent quality and hygiene standards worldwide. Their performance combined with flexibility offers individual and optimized solutions designed specifically for the customers’ needs.

Having integrated many of their filling and packaging lines into complex processing sites worldwide, the team at Trepko know there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to food and beverage processing. It is this global experience that has challenged Trepko to design and overcome many processing obstacles, but what has ultimately provided them with unique opportunities to develop new, cutting edge equipment.

It is this innovation that has allowed Trepko to respond to changing trends in the food and beverage industry and adapt their product offering to meet the customers ever evolving requirements.

With such a sophisticated range of filling and end of line packaging solutions, Trepko have the ability to provide a cost effective solution for new start-up businesses, all the way through to fully integrated process lines for larger international food and beverage process companies.

It is this flexibility that has allowed Trepko to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of filling and packaging equipment and has laid the foundations for their future growth.

Thermaflo has a strong track record in designing and fabricating process plant and Trepko recognise that Thermaflo’s quality supply matches their level of quality expectation, therefore Trepko feel Thermaflo know exactly what it takes to succeed in the food and beverage industry and that the quality of their gear will complement Trepko moving forward.

Trepko are excited by the opportunity to work with Thermaflo and if you have any inquiry please get in contact with Thermaflo today.

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