Welders for difficult environments

Castolin Eutectic has launched two new last-generation arc welding machines (MMA). ACCUmax, the new portable power source running on high capacity lithium-ion battery, and POWERmax 4.0 at 150A, with the POWERmax 1800 alternative at 180A.

Cable-less mobile welding on top of mountains, in difficult-access areas, in farming land or construction sites is now possible owing to AccuMax, the lightweight small MMA welding machine that does not require mains electricity.

With a fully charged battery, welding jobs can be autonomously performed for up to 6 electrodes of 3.25 mm diameter and up to 18 electrodes of 2.5 mm diameter. ACCUmax is also fit for welding in electrically hazardous areas, such as in-situ boiler welding, container construction, shipbuilding.

The fast-charging mode allows battery full charge in 30 mins, while the normal charge for maximised equipment autonomy needs 45 mins. In case of long-lasting welding repairs, a 2KV generator is enough and no expensive investments are needed.

With reduced weight and compact size for versatile on-site handling, PowerMax 4.0 makes welding easier via an innovative resonance principle: the quick reacting characteristic curve control of the unit means the welding result is improved even with demanding manual electrodes.

The digital resonance inverter ensures an extremely stable arc, as well as reduced spatter formation. In addition, by adapting the power consumption to the network voltage, the losses (inductive and capacitive reactance effects) are reduced and the energy-efficiency improved.

The Power Factor Correction enables energy savings and extended mains cables up to approx. 100 m, as well as a more flexible input voltage range.

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