Laser delivers quality and productivity


The challenge of achieving the highest quality codes on ultra-fast packing lines with difficult-to-mark substrates in markets such as beverage, food, personal care, automotive and extrusions is being met with the launch of a new laser marking solution.

 The Linx CSL60 laser offers a major technological breakthrough, combining a powerful processor and 60W laser tube with Linx’s unique Visicode system to produce crisp, clear codes on difficult-to-mark materials such as glass and PET at high speeds.

This enables manufacturers to meet all compliance requirements and provides effective brand protection and enhancement.

The laser incorporates a powerful processor that is able to relay messages from the control unit to the marking head very quickly, which ensures that line speeds are unaffected.  As a result, up to 70,000 packs per hour can be marked.

 The new Linx CSL60 provides the widest choice in configurations in the industry and gives laser the flexibility to be tailored to a customer’s precise requirements.  The Linx CSL60 offers a larger marking field than any comparable laser. 

This provides additional versatility for the marking of wide web applications such as flexible packaging and outer case coding, and coding of products across multiple lines.

Along with the CSL10 and CSL30 the Linx CSL60 has been designed to be easy to install, uses a touch screen control for quick and easy creation and selection of messages. The three laser systems in the suite all delivery brand protection, qulity and assist in productivity.


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