How secure is your manufacturing facility?

Wondering if your visitor and worker management process at your manufacturing facility is up to scratch? We’ve compiled a (non-exhaustive) list of questions for you.

But before you read on, how would you rate your control of visitors and workers on-site? Give your facility a score out of 10.

Now that you’ve got that number in your head, ask yourself the following:

  • Are visitors able to pre-register before arriving at the facility to make registration more efficient on arrival?
  • Is communication with guests, employees or contractors consistent, with a clear and evident process?
  • Is there a protocol for employees when visitors are on-site?
  • Do you have a system in place to alert employees/managers/authorities of any red flags that come up in a visitor’s registration? (e.g. someone from an organisation not allowed on-site).
  • Are visitors issued with a visitor badge, pass or other type of visible visitor identification?
  • Are visitors authorised by a host before they can finalise their registration?
  • If you need to contact a visitor, employee or contractor, can you do this easily and promptly?
  • Do you complete accurate records of workers’ induction course completions?
  • Can you deny site or zone access to employees who do not have specific/current qualification or permissions?
  • Are employees and contractors able to quickly alert others of new hazards on-site?
  • Do all entrances or zones have the ability to document visitors?
  • If a visitor entered a zone or area outside of their permitted access range, would an employee or manager be alerted immediately?
  • Likewise, if a contractor or employee entered an unpermitted area, would a manager or security personnel be notified?
  • Are you always aware when a contractor or employee is working alone?
  • If a visitor has overstayed their expected time on-site, will this trigger an alert?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above questions, your management of workers, contractors and visitors at your manufacturing facility may not be as thorough as you thought.

Firstly, being able to effectively control and monitor who’s on-site at all times reduces risk of injury to your workers. The more detailed your records and instant your notifications, the safer the work environment.

For instance, software like WhosOnLocation can alert staff if a worker has been working in a cool store and hasn’t come out by the expected time.

You’ll have a detailed record of every site visit: who came on-site, when they signed in, when they left, and how regularly they have visited. You will have records of any relevant inductions, certifications or zone access permissions – and you can set up alerts if anything is out of place.

Plus, your visitor, employee and contractor data will be safe and secure, unlike those who use spreadsheet or paper sign-in systems.

Beyond that, having a clear and structured visitor management process from the get-go (even before visitors come on-site) reflects highly on your brand.

If your visitors arrive and the first thing they experience is confusion, or a clunky, outdated registration system, you’re going to make a bad first impression. How much faith would you have in the quality control of a manufacturing facility whose receptionist can’t find the latest list of site hazards for you to review and sign off?

Probably not a lot.

But if your visitors can see that every aspect of your manufacturing facility is a well-oiled machine, their experience on-site will be seamless.

If you’re looking for a worker, contractor and visitor management solution to make your process both thorough and easy, try using WhosOnLocation at your facility.



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