Pipe bevelling machine for hard alloys

A portable pipe bevelling tool is ideally suited for machining hard alloys typical of subsea applications and pulls a thick chip without cutting oils.

The Millhog Commander I.D. Clamping Pipe Bevelling Tool features large clamp pads with six contact points to evenly spread their holding forces and mount rigidly.  Ideal for making precision joint preps on Super Duplex, P-91, and other high alloy pipes, this vibration-free pipe machining tool pulls a thick chip without cutting oils and transfers heat away from the pipe surface which prolongs blade life.

Only requiring one mandrel and seven sets of clamps for the entire range of the tool, the Millhog Commander I.D. Clamping Pipe bevelling Tool can prep all schedules of pipe from 95.25 mm I.D. to 355.6 mm O.D.

This tool can perform 37-1/2 bevels, compound, counterbore, and J-preps.

A 3HP pneumatic motor is standard; an 1800W electric and hydraulic motors are optional.


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