Empower Factory Productivity and Scheduling Software recognised

Empower Software is locally operated and owned, offices based in New Market, Auckland.  Founding Directors are Dave Garrett and (left) Sean O’Sullivan (pictured).

New Zealand, Australian and International manufacturers and engineers, from 5 up to 150 factory staff are investing in the technology of tablets on their factory floors and using Empower Factory Productivity and Scheduling Software for live production scheduling, tracking of jobs and individual factory staff times on jobs and job status.

Production Managers become the main users and main drivers of the technology and software as it is their role and their responsibility to plan and  drive daily and weekly factory production and productivity.

Manufacturers and engineers install large TV monitors on factory walls and office walls to display live production and productivity data for everyone in the company to see.

The performance of individual jobs and individual factory staff is live and continuous throughout the day and jobs and their individual productivity becomes totally transparent to all  factory staff,  management and administration staff.  This technology and software drives labour times on jobs and labour cost on jobs down typically by 20% to 40%.

TIN100, a well respected and recognised New Zealand Network of technology based companies including all stakeholders to the NZ Technology Industry, recently recognised Empower Software.


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