Broader R&D strategy needed 

Broader R&D strategy needed 

The Research and Development Survey released last week by Statistics New Zealand showed some good news but falling R&D expenditure as a proportion of GDP is of concern – a broader R&D strategy is needed from Government to improve this, say the New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association (NZMEA). NZMEA Chief Executive John Walley says, […]

Poor quality costs even more

  HERA Industry Development General Manager Nick Inskip (left)  Quality has a cost and a value and buying solely on cost can mean that the quality you think you are getting may not be there.  The recent asbestos issues with the locomotives imported from China by KiwiRail highlights the danger where quality is compromised. While […]

Not unusual events

By Doug Green KiwiRail is a very funny organisation indeed. When I wrote about their lack of faith in their South Island Hillside engineering base I was told that Hillside was not up to the task to do highly specialised work. Work was contracted out overseas and I had the CEO, Jim Quinn on the […]

Well done All Blacks

  By Doug Green The long awaited world cup victory has happened and the memory of 2007 fades into the background. So much energy and enthusiasm were focussed into the world cup campaign in an impressive way and a grand combining of national skills and resources played a huge part in the success. Now, however, […]

Small business needs to be an election issue

With an election looming, every small businesses in New Zealand needs to lift their voices and be heard, asking each electoral party what they will be doing to help the SME sector. Paul Kane, a partner in New Zealand accounting firm Grant Thornton, said that for a sector that plays such an important part in […]

PVC welding – A major challenge

Laizhou, a small town near Qingdao – the city where the sailing competitions were held during the 2008 Summer Olympics Ð is currently undergoing an economic boom. This may be attributed in part to its favourable transport connections and to the unique media attention which it attracted in connection with the Games. Xin Li Composite […]

It’s not enough!

By Doug Green Its election year. You can tell by the increased political activity currently underway by our party leaders. I don’t know if you saw John Key on television last night but his performance raises more questions than answers. The National focus on off-selling a percentage of energy companies and making available the buying of […]

Lower energy consumption or money back

According to the motto “Facts not promises” Engel has invited customers to participate in a spectacular energy bet with a “money back guarantee”. Each customer who purchases a suitable energy package with a tiebar- less Engel victory or Engel duo large-scale machine receives a guarantee that energy consumption will be lower than for a comparable […]

It’s been quite a year

You can say that again, with Pike River, the Christchurch Earthquake, the Te Aroha meatworks fire, financial companies collapsing and a lack of stimulus being injected into the economy. Without dwelling on tragedy it is of serious concern that New Zealand’s future direction is unclear. Two years into a National government we have not seen […]