Craftsmanship critical for success

I like the attitude of Peter Rocque, the boss of Acton Tools who believes in the value of skills and craftsmanship to resurrect the global economy. He also believes it is time to bring in the redundant, the newly arrived immigrants, the graduates and give them a chance, reinforced by industry knowledge. Help train them, […]

Kiwi manufacturing influx into Thailand

 By Karlene Davis, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Thai airports will soon experience a smoother, more efficient flow of baggage and cargo handling, while greener vehicles will run on the country’s roads in the near future, thanks to two Kiwi companies who have secured partnerships in Thailand.  DieselGas, specialising in dual fuel technology, have developed […]

OCR Damage Continues

The Reserve Bank seems to have recognised the weaknesses in our trading partners that should have prevented any Official Cash Rate (OCR) hikes until this point, but has not found the resolve to reverse earlier hikes. The two hikes have and will continue to reduce growth in the export economy say the New Zealand Manufacturers […]

Good Water reaches second place in world business analysis competition

A business analysis of an Auckland-based drinks company that uses ‘good plastic’ for its bottled water has won second place in a prestigious international competition. The annual Oikos-Ashoka Case Writing Competitions are the premier competitions of their kind, and aim to promote the development of new, high-quality case studies of real-world businesses working in the […]

The Poor Performance Disciplinary Dilemma

Employers are getting it wrong more than right when it comes to dealing with personal grievance claims, and one of the key reasons is failure to follow procedure. Angela Atkins, Human Resources Institute of New Zealand training facilitator and author explores why. A recent Employers and Manufacturers Association review of the 521 cases which went […]

This is The Lucky Country, if we use our Mineral Resources.

Gerry Brownlee drew down the curtain on the poor-but-pure era of New Zealand political thinking in his opening address to the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy conference at Queenstown recently. Soon after the address, NZ Manufacturer interviewed Gerry Brownlee, Minister of Economic Development & Minister of Energy Resources. You must have been disappointed, alarmed […]

In the grip of the money raising meister

Difficult to know what to make of John Key’s speech in parliament on Tuesday. It provided no incentives for manufacturing and industry overall and focused more on getting people off the benefit and raising GST. It is probably too simple to ask where those coming off a benefit will find a job seeing that unemployment […]

Government must heed Tax Working Group’s advice

The New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association (NZMEA) is calling for the Government to heed the Tax Working Group’s advice and broaden the tax base to lower personal and corporate tax. The majority of the Tax Working Group (TWG) suggested closing tax loopholes around residential property investment, imposing a land tax and increasing the GST […]

SEW Great News

Patented innovation for installation & maintenance teams from SEW (say it like BMW). The TorqLOC mounting system is quick, robust, and simple and tolerance forgiving, PLUS has built-in long term cost and labour saving advantages. Innovative connection system for hollow shaft mounted gear units. Great news for installation and maintenance teams is this timely reminder […]