Reliable CBN010 insert grade for turning steels

CBN010 is a new, uncoated grade designed to provide excellent performance in continuous to moderately interrupted cuts.

Offering an extremely homogenous structure, the new grade provides stable performance and consistent tool life to minimise downtime and machining costs.

Reliable PICSimilar in composition to the existing CBN10 and CBN100 grades, CBN010 incorporates a newly developed manufacturing process to achieve a highly uniform microstructure.

The grade features low cBN content with an average grain size of 1.5 ┬Ám and TiC ceramic binder. This improves both wear resistance and toughness, allowing excellent performance in a range of materials.

Optimised for case hardened steels and bearing steels, CBN010 can also be successfully applied to tool steels, high-speed steels, high-tensile steels, martensitic stainless steels, ferrous powder materials and hard facing alloys.

CBN010 inserts are available in solid, full face, tipped and multi-tipped formats.

The full face and tipped option features a cBN thickness of 1.6 mm, with the stress free solid tip being attached by a modern brazing technique to give it the strongest possible connection to the carbide blank.



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