What has a yacht builder, a sandblaster and a plastic bag manufacturer got in common?

 They all use a lot of solvents during the manufacture or preparation of their products.

EMEX2014VLogoPosCMYK300dpiMany thousands of litres of solvents are in use every day in many industries and they are expensive to purchase and becoming even more expensive to get rid of after use.

Solvent recyclers have in the past been regarded as an optional piece of gear for many manufacturers but now are seen increasingly as an essential part of the total process.

There are two reasons for this;

One is the cost benefits that can be had by recycling the dirty solvent in the manufacturing process.

The actual cost savings can be far larger than many realise with pay back times of well under 12 months for some installations.

The amount of solvent held on site can be reduced and this is important as licences are held for a specific quantity per site.

The quality of the recycled solvent is just as good as the original and can be re used in the manufacturing process again and again.

Almax PIC 3The second, and this is becoming more important every year, is the benefit that can be promoted as a responsible carer for the environment.

Customers are becoming far more aware of the effect on the environment that occurs during the manufacture of the products they buy.

Commitment to recycling can be used in advertising and in product information to reassure customers that every possible step is being undertaken to reduce negative effects during manufacture.

Solvent recyclers are simple to operate and are extremely reliable and long lasting machines that take up minimal space and require no supervision during operation.

Almax Industries Ltd, exhibiting on Stand 3062 at EMEX 2014, has a comprehensive range available and can provide calculations to show the savings that can be achieved.

Call Denys Bishop on 0800 101 039 or email sales@almax.co.nz for more information.





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