The Year That Was

We are pleased to bring you our annual review of The Year That Was which you can read from Page 1 through to Page 13.

NZ Manufacturer invited key business people to reflect on business and manufacturing in New Zealand to assist us to build a picture of just where the economy is going, where the opportunities are – both locally and internationally – areas that need a close eye and the skills required to make ours a more buoyant economy.

NZ Manufacturer invited and received articles from some of our Trade Commissioners overseas who enthusiastically saw this review as an ideal opportunity to paint the pictures in their countries of representations as to where business growth for New Zealand companies are in their country.

Editorial PICAs with every review this is by no means complete; it may be a reflection of how you see current conditions affecting and benefitting the productive sectors. You are welcome to respond to the review and share your picture with fellow readers.

The review at the end of 2013 was well read – judging by the responses that came in – and was ideal in that company managers, ceo’s, engineers, department heads, and amongst others, workshop managers told us where they were going and what it would take to get them there. Precisely what the review was all about.

I can’t end the year without congratulating MS Newswire, EIN Presswire and the New Zealand National Press Club for their vision in developing a joint venture to publish New Zealand productive sector news in North America. (You can read about this on Page 5.)

In a world of fluctuating fortunes for manufacturers this joint venture will increase the exposure for New Zealand manufacturers focussing on key sectors with the buying power to buy more from this country. A totally new concept which sets the joint venture apart that anything before.

I have found 2014 to have been most satisfying and the (very) many discussions I had with New Zealand manufacturers enabled me to share their success stories and developments throughout New Zealand and overseas.

2015 will be no different.

I invite you to start talking to me soon. Ask for the Editorial Calendar and get a picture of the year ahead and what NZ Manufacturer can do for your company on its continuing journey.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Doug Green, Publisher, NZ Manufacturer

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