Cost-sharing plans needed for Auckland infrastructure

Business is in favour of an integrated, long-term approach to developing major city infrastructure, says BusinessNZ. BusinessNZ Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly says Government proposals announced today for road, rail and tunnel infrastructure for greater Auckland will help address the congestion that is a huge productivity cost to New Zealand, and will bring greater certainty for […]

Candid recognition of Auckland’s transport issues applauded

Recognition from the very top of Auckland’s transport issues is gratifying, the Employers and Manufacturers Association says.  “We welcome the Prime Minister’s candid recognition today of the transport congestion limiting Auckland’s productivity,” said Kim Campbell, EMA’s chief executive. “The government’s efforts to make an early start on the AMETI- East West link in particular are […]

Rail loop backing great news

Its great news the government is backing Auckland’s city rail loop, the Employers and Manufacturers Association says.  “We’re very pleased Auckland’s transport issues are being heeded,” said Kim Campbell, EMA’s chief executive. “We’re confident the city rail loop will prove as important to Auckland’s development as the harbour bridge did over 50 years ago. “In […]

New Health and Safety agency will be welcome if new approach included

The new workplace health and safety agency, Worksafe New Zealand, will be most welcome provided it comes with an entirely new organisation approach and culture, says Paul Jarvie, Health and Safety Manager for the Employers and Manufacturers Association. “Businesses are pleased to see the start of the new direction and journey for workplace health and […]

NZ economy – gaining traction

The BusinessNZ Planning Forecast indicates that the New Zealand economy is gaining traction. Export prices remain high, and economic growth is forecast to average just over 3 percent per annum out to March 2015.  Improved business and consumer confidence and continued solid growth prospects for China, New Zealand’s largest export customer, are among the positive […]

Protection of migrant workers good job

The new regulations announced today to protect migrant workers from exploitation are a positive step, the Employers and Manufacturers Association says. “The changes will help protect both workers and employers,” said David Lowe, EMA’s Employment Services Manager.  “Unethical employers are being given their notice, which is as it should be for both good employers and […]

Thickness gauges with waveform

A new line of ultrasonic thickness gauges now includes the Sonagage IV, T-Gage V, Microgage III and Steelgage II. The Sonagage IV is a straight-forward gauge for corrosion applications & can measure metal loss within a range of 1mm-500mm to an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm. Ideal for operators testing a few different materials, the Sonagage […]

Brighter horizons

Service sector expansion for May continued a solid run of recent expansion, according to the BNZ – BusinessNZ Performance of Services Index (PSI). The PSI for May was 56.2. This was identical to the result for April, and given both March and February stood at 55.7 this represents a very stable and healthy level of […]

Balloted Bill possibly a bridge too far

The private members Bill that would allow employers to take on temporary workers to replace people going on strike needs a lot of thought and debate, the Employers & Manufacturers Association says. “At first flush employers could think the Bill a good idea without taking into account unintended consequences,” said Kim Campbell, EMA’s chief executive. […]

Magic May

The manufacturing sector recorded its highest level of activity for almost nine years, according to the latest BNZ – BusinessNZ Performance of Manufacturing Index (PMI).  The seasonally adjusted PMI for May was 59.2 (a PMI reading above 50.0 indicates that manufacturing is generally expanding; below 50.0 that it is declining). This is the highest level […]

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