Castalia manufacturing report welcome

The recent report “New Zealand Manufacturing Sector: Its Dynamics and Competitiveness” completed by Castalia has some good analysis and reiterates the importance of manufacturing to the New Zealand economy, say the New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association (NZMEA).  NZMEA Chief Executive John Walley says, “We always welcome any new analysis on the importance of the […]

Boeing may have found ultimate jet fuel

“Green diesel approval would be a major breakthrough in the availability of competitively-priced, sustainable aviation fuel”. Airline manufacturer Boeing claims to have identified a new renewable fuel that emits at least 50% less carbon dioxide than fossil fuel over its lifecycle. The company is working with the US Federal Aviation Administration to gain approval for […]

Bentley 3D prints entire 1/3rd scale models of cars

The new Objet500 Connex3 3D printer from Stratasys has the ability to print out in numerous materials and mixtures of materials, as well as the ability to mix three different colours to make hundreds of colours. A truly revolutionary moment within the industry. The Objet500 allows them to print our near exact 3D models of […]

Autodesk completes acquisition of Delcam

PIC CAP Carl Bass, President and Chief Executive Officer of Autodesk (centre) with (left to right) Glenn McMinn, President, Delcam North America; Clive Martell, Chief Executive, Delcam; Steve Hobbs, Development Director, Delcam; and Bart Simpson, Commercial Director, Delcam. Autodesk, Inc. completed its acquisition of Delcam, one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced computer-aided manufacturing […]

3D-printed chocolate as a midnight snack

 A recent partnership between 3D systems and Hershey will make it easier to satisfy your strongest candy cravings. You don’t even need to leave the house. Hershey’s new chocolate 3D printer is a pretty sweet project (pun very much intended). The chocolate printer works the same as the other ones. 3D printers use specific materials […]

Sealed switches make seeing easier

Ever tried to find a switch to operate driving lights, a diff lock or compressor in the cabin of a 4WD vehicle in the dark? Chances are you probably pushed several un-related switches or buttons in frustration until you found the right one. But now there is a solution. A new range of top quality […]

Olympus instrumentation for the recycling industry

Adaptable, lightweight analysis instrumentation suitable for the recycling industry was the focus of the Olympus display at the Australian Waste and Recycling Exhibition (AWRE) recently held in Melbourne. Each year, AWRE provides an opportunity for exhibitors to showcase innovation, meet with key figures from industry and government on the trade show floor and at seminars […]

New injection technology in one machine cell

Krauss Maffei will exhibit at Chinaplas in April 2014 a KM CX 200-180/180 W twin injection moulding machine in collaboration with Zahoransky Group of Germany and their innovative patented ‘cube technology’ concept TIM (Total Integrated Manufacturing) enabling the moulding, assembly and testing of multi-component parts in one injection moulding cell. The key to the efficiency […]

Hot Runner range expanded

The G24 Hot Runner Temperature Control System was designed for use on injection moulding applications, but also for other applications such as controlling thermoforming, blow moulding and extrusion (profile and sheet). The new products include:- A new Mini Touch-Screen – which provides full feature performance at a lower cost. It is windows based and available […]

Hold on with CamJam

 The ubiquitous bungee cord has been re-invented to be a much more useful tie-down strap that will also cause less damage to items that need restraining. The CamJam is an easy, knot-free way to tighten, tension and secure lighter and fragile loads of all kinds in the back of a car, caravan, motor-home or even […]