Mitsubishi advanced laser technology represented At EMEX 2014






The release of the latest Mitsubishi Electric 45CF-R and 60XF laser resonators and their range of CO2 laser cutting machines has provided the sheet and plate cutting industry with a highly efficient, cost effective, and reliable laser cutting machine.

The advances in Mitsubishi laser technology are aimed at improving cut surface finish and lowering operating and maintenance costs.

Smooth edge cut finish allows the laser cut part to be plated or painted without the need for a secondary milling operation to clean up the rough laser cutting lines on the part edges. Removal of secondary milling cleanup operations can save considerable time and cost in component manufacturing plus reduce the overall overheads required when more processes are involved.

A range of Mitsubishi 45CF-R CO2 laser cut samples from Steel and stainless will be on display at Revolution Precision Machinery EMEX stand 3073.

Laser operating costs are a prime consideration for the Mitsubishi Japan based R&D team and they have been at the forefront of cost saving laser technology over the past 35 years. Mitsubishi Electric has built over 10,000 laser machines since starting production at their Japan factory in 1979.

The new CF-R and XF resonators are at the leading edge of modern laser technology and offer considerable savings over many older technology laser resonators in current use. The latest Mitsubishi CO2 resonator has the lowest laser gas usage of any CO2 laser of equal power output and also one of the lowest maintenance and service costs.

The overall advances in Mitsubishi laser technology with smooth edge, low laser gas use, and fast piercing have created a competitive advantage over competing brands and their technology.

New Zealand Mitsubishi Electric authorised sales and service agent Revolution Precision Machinery has the full range of 4.5KW and 6KW Mitsubishi laser cutting machines available. The agent’s factory authorised New Zealand based service team is fully equipped to carry out all maintenance and repair on the laser machines and resonators.

For more information on the Mitsubishi range of advanced laser cutting machines contact Phil Robinson sales engineer for Revolution Precision Machinery (RPMcnc) at EMEX Stand 3073 or phone CHCH 960 0892 or AKL2650380





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