An environmentally friendly alternative for polystyrene

While it is used all over the world as a light packaging and insulation material, EPS (expanded polystyrene) is a problem as waste. This is why VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is currently developing an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative for polystyrene from PLA bioplastic, which is derived from organic sources. The annual production […]

Taking self-assembly to the limits

Gold nanoparticles smaller than 10 nanometers spontaneously self-organise in entirely new ways when trapped inside channel-like templates. A new study shows that this feature could facilitate easier nanoscale manufacturing of biosensors and plasmonic devices with intricate, high-density surface structures. Generating surface patterns at scales of 10 nanometers and below is difficult with current technology. An […]

Delcam lifts the curtain on its enhanced modelling and reverse-engineering capability for 2015

“Designers are great at designing; that’s what they do. Unfortunately what they design is often not capable of being manufactured.” New dynamic point-editing allows PowerSHAPE Pro users to create any shape they can imagine. The latest version of PowerSHAPE Pro – including improvements in direct modelling, surface modelling and reverse-engineering, along with support for data […]

VISI CAM software allows toolmakers expansion

VISI software was at the heart of a mould maker’s recent move to new 6,500 square foot premises. KA Tooling say VISI gave them confidence to invest in additional CNC machines and move to larger premises to meet the growing demand for their custom made injection mould tools. According to Director Alex Hill, VISI ensures […]

Industry partnerships behind move for new agribusiness

The agribusiness education partnership is crucial for the future of the industry.   Success in creating a large-scale public-private partnership with the New Zealand primary industries is likely to see a new agribusiness secondary school subject created. The brainchild of St Paul’s Collegiate School in Hamilton, agribusiness in secondary schools is being lauded as an […]

Food Security Governance: Empowering Communities, Regulating Corporations

By Nora McKeon This book fills a gap in the literature by setting food security in the context of evolving global food governance. Today’s food system generates hunger alongside of food waste, burgeoning health problems, massive greenhouse gas emissions. Applying food system analysis to review how the international community has addressed food issues since WWII, […]

The first steps toward a viable small-scale hydrogen generator

Researchers are helping to advance the development of hydrogen-powered cars by producing innovative materials that could make on-board hydrogen generators a reality. Hydrogen is a renewable resource with the potential to power everything from households to cars, but its use is currently limited by a lack of green and practical production methods. Current approaches to […]

The Year That Was

We are pleased to bring you our annual review of The Year That Was which you can read from Page 1 through to Page 13. NZ Manufacturer invited key business people to reflect on business and manufacturing in New Zealand to assist us to build a picture of just where the economy is going, where […]

Environmental credentials: strong business, strong future

Manufacturers with robust environmental credentials improve their own business and ensure a stronger supply chain. Customers at each level of the supply chain are looking for environmental credentials. After all, producers, distributors, and suppliers each benefit when the larger cycle is committed to reducing environmental impacts. To encourage and improve a sustainable chain, procurement and […]

Food producers take note

Tony Robinson, Trade Commissioner Singapore There is growing demand for high-quality frozen meat, seafood, and convenience foods. As the shipping and logistics hub of Southeast Asia, Singapore is a gateway to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region. This makes it an ideal base for the South East Asia/Asia Pacific operations of many multinationals […]

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