It’s been quite a year

You can say that again, with Pike River, the Christchurch Earthquake, the Te Aroha meatworks fire, financial companies collapsing and a lack of stimulus being injected into the economy. Without dwelling on tragedy it is of serious concern that New Zealand’s future direction is unclear. Two years into a National government we have not seen […]

Rethink the economy to improve prospects – BusinessNZ

The deterioration in the Government’s accounts because of low economic growth and some one-off problems is not surprising, says BusinessNZ. Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly says it increases the urgency for actions that will create a more dynamic economy. “Government spending should be aimed at getting the right funding in the right places and better using […]

RBNZ: right message but no action

The Reserve Bank has lumped much of the responsibility for high interest and exchange rates at the feet of the Government, blaming fiscal deficits for the problem. Lower interest rates and exchange rates will require both fiscal and monetary policy changes say the New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association (NZMEA). The Reserve Bank Governor Alan […]

Exporters upbeat for 2011

By Catherine Beard, executive director, Export New ZealandÊ Kiwi exporters are upbeat and determined to increase their exports in the year ahead, according to Export New Zealand’s National Export Outlook Survey. The findings from the inaugural Export Outlook survey undertaken mid November are being released today. (Link here for the report) “Kiwi exporters are looking […]

Negotiations gathering pace as Cancun conference

By John Carnegie, Business NZ For the first few days the two negotiating tracks were conducted in open sessions, but now negotiators have moved behind closed doors to work on some of the detail. Progress is painfully slow. Each meeting is like a pit stop – the race car pulls in, but unless the pit […]

NZ economy – two steps forward, one step back

New Zealand’s economic prospects are improving despite some risks, according to the BusinessNZ Planning Forecast for the December quarter 2010. While international markets are still volatile, underpinned by concern about sovereign debt levels, New Zealand’s major trading partners continue to show solid growth prospects – good news for New Zealand commodity producers. Recent adverse events […]

NZ Institute lists its top 10 issues for nation to overcome

The NZ Institute has issued a list  of the top 10 issues it believes are confronting New Zealand’s long-term success. The list: * Can New Zealand implement stable policies that will improve long-term outcomes? * Can New Zealand develop & retain a capable, resilient population that works together? * Can New Zealand reduce the disadvantages […]

Businesses to benefit from new Institute for Business Research

Businesses and industry groups will be able to access the latest management thinking and research expertise with the launch of the Institute for Business Research at the University of Waikato. The new institute, to be launched at separate functions in Hamilton and Tauranga, draws on the expertise of researchers at Waikato Management School, ranked the […]

Engineering Excellence Award winners announced

The winners of the 2010 New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards were announced in Wellington on Thursday 24 November at a gala dinner hosted by MC Linda Clark and attended by more than 350 people which was held at the Duxton Hotel. The Winner of the 2010 Supreme Award for Engineering Excellence is the Coronet Peak […]

There will be answers

The tragedy at Pike River Coal mine is being felt by the whole country and around the world.  It is rare that New Zealand has an industrial mishap of this magnitude. The mining industry in New Zealand contributes much to the economy. And its close and supportive communities are a lesson to us all. Soon […]