Enhanced business input to Australia NZ Leadership Forum

The 7th Australia New Zealand Leadership Forum which opens in Auckland on Friday 8 April will be a further opportunity for business to help shape the economic agenda between the two countries, says BusinessNZ. “Australia is our single most important economic partner and this week’s Leadership Forum comes at a time when both countries need […]

Power price spikes hurt many businesses, damage investor confidence

Many businesses buying power at spot prices have been caught out over the past two week-ends as power prices spiked as high as $19,000 Mwh, the Employers & Manufacturers Association says. “One smaller business reported to us that Saturday, March 26th cost them an unforeseen extra $7000 for electricity,” said Alasdair Thompson, EMA’s chief executive. […]

New employment laws to lift business confidence and jobs

The employment law changes starting from tomorrow will lift business confidence by encouraging the hiring of new staff, says David Lowe, Employment Services Manager for the Employers & Manufacturers Association. “Personal grievances and holidays’ laws have consistently been the two biggest reasons employers say they put off hiring, and the Government has addressed both,” Mr […]

Trucker says industry will resist gross weights

An Auckland-based fragile freight and furniture moving business behind a website to promote industry debate about a move to gross weights, says it believes there will be an industry backlash if the change goes ahead. A One Movers manager, Tony Milham, says his company will be stung badly by the move, which goes against the […]

Love Christchurch Made Campaign Launched

The Buy NZ Made campaign, part of BusinessNZ, has today launched a new campaign called Love Christchurch Made to help Canterbury manufacturers promote their products. Free to all Canterbury based businesses to join, the campaign includes an online business directory at www.lovechristchurchmade.org.nz that allows firms to advertise their contact details, web address and products. There […]

Harbour crossing, what harbor crossing?

Before the new Super City came along there was a need for a new harbor crossing in Auckland. I had a conversation with the late Sir Dove Myer Robinson and he shared with me his vision of Auckland region’s transport system which included improvements to the flow of traffic to the north shore and how […]

Private sector supports rebirth of strong Canterbury

Today’s announcement by Government outlining a $2.5 million funding package for business is welcomed by business. “A strong Canterbury emerging from the recent earthquakes is crucial for the whole country, not just the region itself. The Government’s commitment to Canterbury is good to see and so too is the support of the private sector,” BusinessNZ […]

Infrastructure Plan needs trade-offs

 Our next National Infrastructure Plan requires more detail about infrastructure trade-offs, says BusinessNZ.  The latest version of the plan, devised by the Treasury’s National Infrastructure Unit, is due for release soon.  BusinessNZ Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly says businesses need to have a clear sense of government priorities for infrastructure development in order to know what […]

A message to HERA Members and HERA Friends

From Dr Wolfgang Scholz Director Firstly, HERA staff and I am sure the collective HERA membership, would like to offer our condolences and heartfelt sympathies to all those members and their families affected by the 22nd February earthquake. The daily information flow has, in dramatic fashion, brought the extent of the suffering and damage to […]