Craftsmanship critical for success

I like the attitude of Peter Rocque, the boss of Acton Tools who believes in the value of skills and craftsmanship to resurrect the global economy.

He also believes it is time to bring in the redundant, the newly arrived immigrants, the graduates and give them a chance, reinforced by industry knowledge.

Help train them, rent them work area space and use of machinery and face the fact that no one else is going to fund anyone in this environment.

I don’t know about you but all of this makes perfectly good sense to me. In actual fact it is has a common sense, logical way to go appeal about it.

Peter’s thoughts may be the same ones that you have. You may be doing similar things within your company, to move ahead, process the orders and build for the future. Assist with the country’s economic growth.

Are you?
If that’s the case, why don’t people know about it? Are you guarded about company activities and don’t want to share, as Peter does, through a fear of releasing important information,on the state of your business or are you just too busy to communicate your philosophy for success?

If everything at your company is going swimmingly well, then congratulations, and keep up the good work because the country needs manufacturing success today like never before.

Where ever you are, in Ashburton, Timaru or Kaitaia, I suggest you take the advice that Peter offers; and that is do not be the decline of manufacturing. Look after the tradespeople in your company. Look for the signs, don’t use band aids and preserve the future.

Finally, there are a lot of companies winning awards lately. Gaining overseas orders and contracts? Is your company one of the lucky ones? Let us know and we’ll share your success with the readers.

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