How Life Cycle Engineering can make manufacturing more competitive

By Professor Sami Kara Director of Postgraduate Research Faculty of Engineering University of New South Wales Manufacturers in New Zealand and Australia are hearing a constant refrain: to remain competitive in the global manufacturing marketplace, companies must become more productive with fewer resources and must find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. As well […]

The Future of Manufacturing (for us)

Editorial– November issue NZ Manufacturer Security and climate change overshadowed G20 talks on boosting global economic growth at the summit, although the leaders did sign off on a package of measures to add an extra 2.1 percentage points to global growth over five years. In this ever-changing world, New Zealand will benefit from the […]

NZ expects to benefit from G20 resolution

New Zealand expects to benefit from commitments secured at the G20 Leaders’ Summit, from the world’s 20 biggest economies, to lift economic growth by an extra 2.1 percent by 2018. In a communique released at the end of the weekend summit in Brisbane, the G20 group, made up of countries which represent 85 percent of […]

Why it pays to join the circular economy

We all know that the current linear economic model is not sustainable. Materials are extracted, manufactured into products and then discarded into landfill – it’s a system that wastes valuable resources, causes environmental damage and will make it near impossible to satisfy the demands of the 3 billion new consumers in developing nations, who are […]

Staff wanted

Employment activity reached its highest level as the manufacturing sector continued to show stronger expansion during October, according to the latest BNZ – BusinessNZ Performance of Manufacturing Index (PMI). The seasonally adjusted PMI for October was 59.3 (a PMI reading above 50.0 indicates that manufacturing is generally expanding; below 50.0 that it is declining). This […]

Expectations better than experience

 The latest New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association (NZMEA) Survey of Business Conditions completed during October 2014, shows total sales in September 2014 decreased 4.08% (year on year export sales increased by 13.54% with domestic sales decreasing 10.11%) on September 2013. The NZMEA survey sample this month covered NZ$728m in annualised sales, with an export […]

Let’s not follow the others

By Doug Green  If Peter Thiel, co- founder of PayPal and Palantir has it right the future needs to change. It’s easier to copy a model than to make something new. Doing what we already know how to do keeps on adding more of something familiar. And it is easier to do. Peter Thiel has […]

The importance of an Ergonomics investigation before designing or changing a production system

In this article I will explain why it is important to do an Ergonomics Investigation before we design or redesign a production system. Every Ergonomic Investigation I have undertaken has saved my client substantially – either capital investment or increased productivity. Ergonomics is one of the most misused words in the English language. The definition […]