Manufacturing Heroes

They are everywhere, manufacturing heroes. And they have been for years. Think Bill Gallagher, Blair McPheat, Robert Darroch, Peter  Rocque. Think the inventors at  Rex Bionics, Ultrahelicopters, Metalform with their wheelchair and Inovent with the Rotacrane. And you, the reader, is probably thinking why isn’t my name on the list as well? These are a […]

Manufacturing continues expansion in January 2011

Manufacturing activity in January 2011 shows a positive start to the year with the fourth consecutive month in expansion, according to the BNZ – BusinessNZ Performance of Manufacturing Index (PMI). The seasonally adjusted PMI for January stood at 53.7, up slightly from 53.2 in December (a PMI reading above 50.0 indicates that manufacturing is generally […]

More of the same

Judging by Prime Minister John Keyss opening address to Parliament we are to anticipate more of the same in 2011; that means a continuation the economic funk seen over the past two years, and the resulting build up of debt. The New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association (NZMEA) is calling for significant policy changes so […]

Metals New Zealand Industry Conference

 Engineering industry players should be interested in attending the Metals New Zealand Industry Conference 2011, to be held on the 14th and 15th of April at the Duxton Hotel in Wellington. Formerly known as the Metals Industry Conference, this event comes as a result of the fantastic success of four previous Metals Industry Conferences with […]

It’s not enough!

By Doug Green Its election year. You can tell by the increased political activity currently underway by our party leaders. I don’t know if you saw John Key on television last night but his performance raises more questions than answers. The National focus on off-selling a percentage of energy companies and making available the buying of […]

It’s been quite a year

You can say that again, with Pike River, the Christchurch Earthquake, the Te Aroha meatworks fire, financial companies collapsing and a lack of stimulus being injected into the economy. Without dwelling on tragedy it is of serious concern that New Zealand’s future direction is unclear. Two years into a National government we have not seen […]

Rethink the economy to improve prospects – BusinessNZ

The deterioration in the Government’s accounts because of low economic growth and some one-off problems is not surprising, says BusinessNZ. Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly says it increases the urgency for actions that will create a more dynamic economy. “Government spending should be aimed at getting the right funding in the right places and better using […]

RBNZ: right message but no action

The Reserve Bank has lumped much of the responsibility for high interest and exchange rates at the feet of the Government, blaming fiscal deficits for the problem. Lower interest rates and exchange rates will require both fiscal and monetary policy changes say the New Zealand Manufacturers and Exporters Association (NZMEA). The Reserve Bank Governor Alan […]

Exporters upbeat for 2011

By Catherine Beard, executive director, Export New ZealandÊ Kiwi exporters are upbeat and determined to increase their exports in the year ahead, according to Export New Zealand’s National Export Outlook Survey. The findings from the inaugural Export Outlook survey undertaken mid November are being released today. (Link here for the report) “Kiwi exporters are looking […]