Flaw detector very capable

    The Veo 16:64 Phased Array instrument is highly capable with multi-technique functionality, including TOFD; fast data recording, a simple to use interface and rugged housing. Veo is ideal for Pipeline Weld Inspection, Corrosion Mapping, Aerospace and Composite Testing. Veo’s design has made simple controls and menu workflow of paramount importance. The display features […]

A new approach to engine efficiency

Photo: Tim Parker, founder and managing director of Cleanfuelz with the latest experimental model. Did you know that most petrol engines only use 20% and diesels only use 40% of the fuel – and waste the rest as noxious exhaust fumes? Cleanfuelz has been developing a solution to the problem of the inefficient burning of […]

Miniature ceramic heaters

A new approach to miniaturised heaters is proving to be outstandingly reliable, versatile and economic. Miniaturised ceramic heaters capable of independently controlling their dissipation are replacing Nichrome elements universally used until recently in domestic medical and military  applications. It is now possible to mass produce incredibly small controlled dissipation 230 V elements onto small 12 […]

Lean times call for thinner sheets, thicker bends

With the price of sheetmetal arguably at an all time high due to massive demand by Asia and the Middle East, itÕs not just clever software-driven machines that positively impact profit margins. The simple act of reducing raw material costs has become the latest challenge for fabricators in Australia and New Zealand. And price reduction […]

PowerMILL offers safest-ever machining

Delcam has released the 2011 version of its PowerMILL CAM system for five-axis and high-speed machining. This release makes the programming of safe toolpaths easier than ever thanks to new stock-model-engagement options that protect both the cutting tool and the machine from excessive loading.  Other enhancements include new editing capabilities to simplify the machining of […]

Transmig 175i

The Cigweld Transmig 175i is a self contained single phase multi process welding inverter that is capable of performing GMAW/FCAW (Mig), MMAW (Stick) and GTAW (Lift Tig) welding processes. The unit is equipped with an integrated wire feed unit, voltage reduction device (VRD applicable in stick mode only), digital voltage and amperage meters, and a […]

Solid engineering the silver lining in quake aftermath

An earthquake the magnitude of that experienced in Christchurch on Saturday is devastating for any city. But as the hours since the quake pass, a positive story is emerging from the scene. The level of damage seen in modern buildings and bridges in Christchurch is much less than that caused by similar earthquakes in Kobe, […]

Tribrid Modelling produces “Waffle” phone first at LG

Korean manufacturing giant LG Electronics has recently introduced its first mobile phone designed with Delcam’s Tribrid Modelling software. The Waffle phone features a surface texture created in the ArtCAM artistic CADCAM program, wrapped around the body of a phone design produced with the PowerSHAPE CAD software.  It is expected to be the first of a […]

Ultra Helicopters

Ultra Helicopters vision is to have a minimum of 75 % of the parts manufactured here in NZ for a 2 seat helicopter. Due to its composite construction it will fall into the microlight category which is a first for NZ. The company is currently working with CAA to get Type approval and once that […]

Acton Tools & Engineering boss calls for industry “Action”

Peter Rocque is one of those increasingly-rare active, Kiwi craftsmen – “a toolmakers’ toolmaker” – deeply concerned that with the decline in local manufacturing has come the devaluing of the tool-making trade. “And this represents a dire threat to any prospect of New Zealand re-establishing itself as a manufacturer of anything other than milk and […]