‘There’s Brass in Muck’

This expression has never been more apt as more companies are realising that there really is hidden value in wastes.  Recovering solids or liquids from your waste stream is no longer the domain of the “environmental greenies’ – it actually makes a great deal of financial sense! By assessing the opportunities within your processes to […]

CADCAM gives racing supplier power and precision

‘Power Through Precision’ is the company motto at MBE Cylinder Heads and Manifolds.  MBE achieves both precision and power by using Delcam’s PowerSHAPE design software and its PowerMILL machining program.  To see how, watch the Delcam TV video on www.delcam.tv/delcam-video.asp?VideoId=79.  Founded in 1997 by Matt Bieneman, MBE is located in the heart of America’s racing […]

PlanetSolar Superyacht Designed by Kiwi Firm

When a German businessman set his sights on building a solar-powered boat to circumnavigate the globe, he called on Kiwi design company LOMOcean to make it happen. PlanetSolar Auckland-based LOMOcean naval architects and yacht designers drew up plans for the radical $NZ36 million PlanetSolar superyacht, which is due to set off on a world-first, solar-powered, […]

High quality plastic welding systems from Techspan

Techspan Group’s is range of high quality plastic welding systems for New Zealand and Australia includes hand-held welders,  automatic welders, wedge welders, and extruder welders. Made in Switzerland, the heavy duty welders are designed for optimal performance and reliability under extreme working conditions. A number of technically advanced innovative features are incorporated into the welders, […]

Super clear cordless work light enhances maintenance safety

Clear and reliable portable light is essential to safety and precision in confined spaces. Inside pipes, tanks, pressure vessels and silos, the last thing any maintenance worker needs is bulb or battery failure. GO Distribution has introduced rugged portable LED worklights designed to provide 10 years or more of optimum clarity and reliability, or 50,000 […]

Developing sustainable products more efficiently

Product development can – and should – benefit from the same efficiency and productivity gains that we see in manufacturing and production. The product development process is often very wasteful and expensive, complex and multi-faceted, and information does not flow in one direction, but goes back and forward many times. How then, can you apply […]

SEW Great News

Patented innovation for installation & maintenance teams from SEW (say it like BMW). The TorqLOC mounting system is quick, robust, and simple and tolerance forgiving, PLUS has built-in long term cost and labour saving advantages. Innovative connection system for hollow shaft mounted gear units. Great news for installation and maintenance teams is this timely reminder […]

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